Global Demand | Helium is a high value, finite resource, vital to the Aerospace, Healthcare and High-Tech sectors because of its physical properties.

Compelling Economics | Long life, high netback production profile lends itself to responsible, non-dilutive financing alternatives for infrastructure.

Large Undeveloped Land Base | Over 32,000 hectares of prospective helium-bearing lands on trend with the discovery well.

Large Exploration Inventory Potential | Expansive Seismic and Land Review option on over 350,000 hectares of prospective helium exploration land.

Resource De-Risked | The Company’s helium-rich discovery well is ready to be equipped and brought
into production.

Attractive Valuation | With the production-ready discovery well, qualified by an independent engineering evaluation, and contiguous upside lands, First Helium is attractively valued relative to its public company peers.

Liquidity | First Helium’s common shares were listed on the TSX-V on July 12, 2021 (Ticker: “HELI”).

Environmentally Conscious | First Helium is committed to leading the way in environmental and operational excellence in the nascent Canadian helium exploration and development sector – striving to surpass government regulations.