First Helium Inc. (“First Helium”, the “Company”, or “HELI”) is a Canadian company developing helium production to meet growing demand in the high-tech global market. The Company is positioned to become a leading North American producer, leveraging a de-risked strategy to achieve near-term cash flow. The Company has recently raised approx. $12 mm, which it will deploy primarily to the development of its Worsley Helium Project, anchored by its successful helium discovery well.

discovery well successfully tested at

1.3% helium content

The discovery well has successfully tested at 1.3% helium content and is ready to be brought into production. In addition to finalizing helium processing arrangements to bring the discovery well on stream, the Company is undertaking a three-well development program on its large prospective helium land base at Worsley to expand helium volume production.

“First Helium is well positioned to deliver helium production and cash flow growth from its Worsley property, which will drive future expansion from its extensive portfolio of exploration lands and prospective inventory.”

Ed Bereznicki, President, CEO & Director

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A Critical, Finite Resource

Helium is relatively uncommon on Earth, despite being the second most prevalent element in the universe.

Helium is very difficult to trap and store due to its lack of density. It quickly rises and dissipates into the atmosphere. The majority of atmospheric helium is lost as it escapes the atmosphere and into space. Canada is well-positioned to be the next major North American producer of helium.

Big technology companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Netflix all depend on this one gas to keep their servers running around the clock. Helium has everyday applications in the technology and medical industries, as well as space travel and national security, among others:

Critical gas for building cars, high-speed internet cables, phones, tablets and computers

Required in the health sector to cool magnets in MRI machines

Identified as one of 35 minerals crucial to the US’ national security

SOURCE: Edison Investment Research (February 2019)

The Worsley Helium Project

First Helium Inc. (TSXV: HELI) has acquired strategic mineral rights to over 32,000 hectares of land, which provides control of a substantial portion of the prolific Worsley Trend. Helium along the Worsley Trend is sourced from the underlying Precambrian rocks and numerous stratigraphic and structural features in the overlying sedimentary rocks traps the helium.

HELI has acquired and tested a shut-in natural gas well with significant helium content to prove up the Worsley Trend, and has acquired mineral rights along the entire prospective resource fairway.

In connection with bringing the test well into production, HELI will evaluate and expand the initial discovery well property and develop helium growth opportunities on the prospective fairway lands.

The Company is evaluating next steps in commercializing the discovery well, including helium processing, transportation and marketing.

Based on an Independent Engineering Evaluation by Sproule Associates Limited of contingent resources of the discovery well, “best estimate” project economics provide for a base value of $0.23 per per common share.