What is your area of operations?

First Helium is a helium exploration and development company with its core asset located at Worsley, immediately north of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

What are the Company’s main business activities?

First Helium’s primary activity is the exploration, development, extraction and processing of helium for sale to the growing helium market.

When was the Company founded and incorporated?

First Helium was founded and incorporated in Vancouver, BC in 2016.

Where is First Helium located?

First Helium’s headquarters is located in Vancouver, BC with key management and operational team members based in Calgary, AB.

How can I find more information on your management and board of directors?

Learn more about First Helium’s leadership team at our team.

Where can I obtain information on First Helium’s financial results?

First Helium’s publicly available financial information, news releases, and other documentation can be found and reviewed here

On which exchanges is First Helium Inc. listed and what are the ticker symbols?

First Helium is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture Exchange (TSX-V) and its ticker symbol is HELI, and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) under the ticker symbol 2MC.

How can I purchase shares?

First Helium shares can be purchased on the TSX Venture Exchange via any registered brokers, dealers and/or online investment platforms.

What is Helium?

Although Helium is the second most prevalent element in the universe, it is not especially common on earth. It is produced by the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium molecules, and accumulates under very specific geological conditions.

What makes Helium special?

Helium has a number of unique properties which make it extremely valuable for a multitude of purposes. It is non-reactive, lighter-than-air, non-toxic, and superconductive in its liquid form, at -272 degrees celsius.

What is Helium used for?

Because of its versatility, helium is used in the production of high-speed internet cables, tech devices, MRI machines, arc welding, fibre optics, aeronautics, space exploration, purging, leak detection, and more.

Why is helium exploration and development important?

Although helium is a naturally occurring element and a component of the Earth’s atmosphere, its extreme lack of density means that the majority of naturally occurring helium rises past the edges of the atmosphere and escapes into space. This means that naturally occurring subterranean helium pockets are an important resource, but also a finite one.

As a resource development company, how is First Helium managing environmental concerns?

HELI is committed to upholding the highest standards of environmental responsibility, and conducting its business in accordance with Provincial and Federal law.

How do I sign up to receive regular Investor Relations email updates?

You can sign up for First Helium’s Investor Relations email list here link to email form

How can I update my address, transfer my shares, request to receive shareholder documentation, or replace a lost shareholder certificate?

For more information about documentation, please contact First Helium’s transfer agent, [Name/Contact].

Whom should I contact regarding investor inquiries?

Our Investor Relations Directors, Carrie Howes and Nick Kuzyk, are always happy to respond to inquiries. Contact us at ir@firsthelium.com.